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From just £14.00 per month or £25.00 per month, you get access to an ever-growing resource of pre-recorded online Pilates videos and Weekly Zoom Sessions that you can access wherever and whenever you like. 

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This is not just about Pilates...

but about building positive habits and regular movement in to your lifestyle. This will help you:


Feel & Move Better


Reduce Aches & Pain


Avoid injuries & Improve Sports Performance


Improve Mobility & Flexibility


Correct Postural Issues and Imbalances


Plus many more benefits

Pilates Guy Online Membership provides the flexibility for you to be able to fit this in to your lifestyle, around any schedule.

This works in one of two ways:
You can sign up to Pilates Guy On Demand and make use of the system as and when you like, taking advantage of a call with me if needed to get you started, and get involved with the online community in the members Facebook group.
Or – you benefit from all of the above AND include access to the weekly live Zoom session (more launching soon) to really help keep you on track.
You can take advantage of the 7 day free trial now and there’s no tie on or contract, no risk at all. Just select the option you’d like to go for below, and create the positive change in your life.
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