A Modern Approach to Pilates

Whether you are looking for help with pain, to gain an edge with your sports performance, safeguarding against injury, enhancing your wellbeing or to help your employees stay healthy and happy at work, Pilates Guy has a number of solutions to offer. 

Who is Pilates suitable for

The process is simple, decide which service you would like, hit book, or contact me to make an appointment or enquire. 

My Pilates sessions are suitable for: 

Pilates Guy Online

Do you want to get involved with Pilates but you are struggling to find time to get to a session that works for you? Perhaps you want to top up with extra sessions to complement your current training? Maybe you want to see what a session looks like and pick up some of the basics before attending a group session? 

Pilates Guy Online is your virtual Pilates Studio! 

Back Pain

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Sports Performance

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Employee Wellbeing

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Pilates Classes in Gloucestershire

Pilates is a functional exercise method developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century which was influenced by various western sports including boxing, gymnastics and wrestling. All exercises are controlled, precise movements, many of which are used today by physiotherapists, doctors and other healthcare professionals to aid recovery from injuries and improve chronic back pain 

Group Pilates Classes

Exercise as a part of a group at a lower cost whilst still benefiting from individual attention. Mixed ability – option levels provided for different abilities including first timers. Advice provided to improve general health in every day life.

121 coaching

Individual attention during regular sessions. Messaging service available for advice. Other experts such as personal trainers, nutritional advisers and physiotherapists etc within network where needed. Flexible location.

Fitness and Wellbeing

Joseph Pilates was a sickly youth but devised Contrology, renamed Pilates after his death, to move forward from his ailments and later he became a professional boxer and accomplished body builder. 

The use of Pilates is well recognised by professional sports people including rugby, tennis, football, golf and martial artists but this does not filter down well to your everyday sports people. The practice improves sports performance, lessens the likelihood and severity of injuries, protects the spine and is proven to alleviate everyday back pain. 

My Approach

My approach to mat Pilates is technical, practical and applicable to every day life with a real focus on control and precision, building real strength and mobilityI provide mat Pilates in the Cotswolds and across wider Gloucestershire in person, whether it is at one of my partner venues or Pilates in your home. I can also provide all services virtually wherever you are based. 

Mat Pilates requires no equipment, although sometimes we do use bands, balls and various small equipment which I provide when necessary. A mat is handy to have but I also provide these for live sessions. The beauty of mat Pilates is you can train anywhere, any time needing only yourself and perhaps a mat. 

Group classes

  • Exercise as a part of a group 
  • Lower cost but still benefitting from some individual attention 
  • Mixed ability – option levels provided for different abilities including first timers 
  • Advice provided to improve general health in every day life 
  • Basic postural assessments 
  • Varied classes to keep things interesting 
  • Exercise with friends 
  • Informal and relaxed atmosphere 

Individual or couple sessions (121)

  • Postural and lifestyle assessments provided 
  • Short, medium and long-term goals discussed and agreed from initial discovery meeting 
  • Exercise & Lifestyle plan created based on individual needs and ability 
  • Individual attention during regular sessions 
  • Messaging service, video calling and video exercises available 
  • Other experts such as personal trainers, nutritional advisers and physiotherapists etc within network where needed 
  • Flexible location – in your own home or other location to suit 

Employee Wellbeing

  • Desktop wellness for business owners 
  • Desktop wellness for employees 
  • DSE assessments 
  • Individual postural assessments provided with advice and exercises recommended to improve 
  • Movement advice 
  • Exercises provided to assist with lower back pain or avoiding future problems 
  • One group Pilates class provided if desired 
  • Advice on standing desks 
  • Please enquire for more information 

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