Back Pain

If you have already read my “about” page then you know that I have experienced serious, debilitating back pain which prevented me doing the things I loved for a long time. And that I came through the other side. I have a permanent condition which will not heal, however I can manage this now and get on with my life happy and confident when playing rugby, lifting weights or whatever else life throws at me.

The NHS recommends Pilates for back pain and have completed a study in to this. The NHS back pain page is a good resource can be found here with plenty of other back pain related information, pre-recorded Pilates sessions and physiotherapy videos.

Mat Pilates for Back Pain

Mat Pilates for my back pain was the solution. Pilates is focused on balancing the body, improving muscular function, enhancing mobility and flexibility, bringing posture back within normal ranges and strengthening the core. Mat Pilates requires no equipment other than ideally an exercise mat, can be practiced anywhere, anytime.

The exercises improve spinal alignment, stability and mobility. In short, this can help to alleviate back pain whether you have a long term condition or if it is just lifestyle related back pain you are suffering, normally from sedentary professions sitting down or driving a lot, or very low levels of physical activity in your life.

Using Pilates to prevent Injuries

Joseph Pilates created what he called Contrology specifically for the purpose of recovering his body from various issues he suffered from a young age. He became a professional boxer, body builder, gymnast and was an accomplished sports person in various other activities.

Some people describe the sessions as an hour of physio, and that is because many of the Pilates exercises are used by therapists to help people recover from injury, pain and imbalance in the body. I often get comments from participants that several of the exercises we perform during a session have been prescribed by their physio.


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Group Pilates Sessions

As an instructor, under normal circumstances we are hands on, will keep an eye on your form and adjust where necessary to ensure correct execution of exercises and can be called upon to help if you are not sure about particular exercises.

You learn a lot about your body from Pilates, such as how you move, postural issues and poor movement patterns. It really improves coordination and awareness of what your body is doing when you move. This you can apply to your life and really reap the rewards. An example being correctly engaging your core when you lift something to protect your back.

The group sessions I run are mixed ability and therefore suitable for beginners. I have a series of virtual and in person sessions running as well as being a fixture at many of the local gyms. You can book one of my independent sessions here:

121 Coaching

I also offer 121 Pilates coaching and can come to your home on a regular basis to work with you in private which can include individual, couple, family or small private group sessions – please contact me using the enquiry form below if you would like to discuss this further. You get much more support working toward specific goals and much broader lifestyle advice which can include nutrition. The exercise plan will be designed for your specific goals rather than a more generic group session.

All of the above is backed up by my member section of the website which provides Pilates Guy on demand giving you access 24/7 to:

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