Group Pilates Sessions

Whether you are looking to improve performance in your sport, ease your back, neck or shoulder pain, general wellbeing to safeguard yourself from future problems or just to feel great, public group mat Pilates sessions are a great and affordable way to do this. Offered in person or virtual sessions via Zoom.

What does private Pilates coaching involve?

Pilates is a reasonably slow, controlled and repetitive method of exercise, my approach is modern, functional and technical – explaining why we are doing the exercises, what the benefits are and how to progress over time, as well as the basics.

Having started mat Pilates myself due to back pain, and come through the other side (see About Me), but also realising the benefits for general wellbeing and sports performance, that is the foundation of what I offer.

Group sessions are mixed ability so suitable for beginners while including plenty of challenges for intermediate and a few advanced exercises thrown in to have a go at as well.
While not entirely focused on just you like a private 121 session, there will still be an element of individual attention where needed, under normal circumstances we will be hands on, adjusting your position in to correct alignment.

Open dialogue is encouraged throughout so if there is anything you are unsure of during a session you can simply ask, it is a very informal and fun environment. I am always happy to speak with beginners beforehand in case there are any injuries, conditions or questions.

I learned very early on that it is important to leave your ego at the door. Despite the pain I was in when I began attending Pilates, I was convinced that a few of the other participants who were roughly double my age shouldn’t be stronger than I was, being 28 at the time and in reasonable shape.

I learned quite quickly, having pulled my back trying to keep up with others in the session, that it is important that we remember the Pilates principles of precision and also control. It is a part of the exercise methodology to ensure we keep good alignment through the body, even as we start to push ourselves, and also that we keep complete control of the exercise, not fast jerky or bouncy movements. Push yourself as hard as you want to, as long as you maintain precision and control.

Hence every exercise has multiple levels offered and you go with the level that works for you, you can rest whenever you need to, and work to a range of motion that helps to manage any pain or injury that you may have. You are in complete control.

Please do get in touch with me if you have any questions at all or book a session here:

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